CUSTOM meals. Fresh. Delivered to your door.

Designed to help the working professional achieve their fitness goals through personalized custom meals targeted to achieve optimal results.

“We finally have a nutrition service in San Antonio that is specific to ME and my fitness goals. Not only is the guidance and coaching thorough with tons of science based recommendations but it’s VERY affordable!”

-George Zavala

Why work with Fitness Meal Preparations and More ?

Involved and effective nutrition assistance with unlimited resources.

Knowledge that is gained can easily be explained to our younger generations while creating a healthier future for our community.

Located in a developing area of San Antonio for all to see and discover.

What Makes FMP and More Different?

Growing up in San Antonio, Eric understands why easy, accessible and cultural foods are in the lifestyles we live. It’s difficult to change habits passed down in cultures, societies and environments we grow accustomed to daily.

FMP and More has seen the pain that also comes with unhealthy nutrition habits. From diabetes to heart disease and even causes of death, we want to improve longevity in our community.

We want to change perceptions of nutrition and create a better relationship with food itself. Omitting foods or food groups isn’t necessary to create healthier life choices and we want to teach you how and why.

No more diets, no more starving, no more self doubt or discouragement. Let’s make changes today for a healthier tomorrow!

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it

“Coaching and making recommendations understandable, easy to follow, informative, unique, and especially… result driven!”

– Nancy Najera

Step 1

Fill out the information below to gain access to our Fitness Software and receive introductory formatted guidance.

Step 2

Receive a custom nutrition plan tailored to your fitness goals.

Step 3

Implement and achieve!

How Much Does it Cost?

Well let me ask you…

How much will it cost you to remain in the same nutrition routine that you’re currently in?

We can’t put a cost on your health however, let’s convert this consideration of money to time.

How much time will you lose with friends, family and or loved ones if changes are NOT made? How much time would be lost MAKING a change? How much time have you lost already due to others not willing to make healthier nutrition changes in their own lives? Ae you helping or hindering the time possible for yours or other children, friends and family?

Let’s set up a FREE 30 minute consultation so I can show you how to stop losing time due to the misconceptions of nutrition routines.

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Let’s set up a few minutes to chat about your goals and your finances and see if we can work something out.

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Before we send meals, I will meet with you personally to discuss your fitness goals, including ideal weight, food preferences and allergies. We’ll create a custom meal regiment that I’ll deliver fresh to your door that is calculated specifically to help you achieve your fitness goals! Complete the form below to get started!

What’s Included?

All Clients Can Expect the Following:


Effective, specific and individualized nutrition counseling.

– Counseling will consist of current eating habits of the client with recommendations on healthy alternatives if necessary with macronutrient breakdowns and 24/7 accessible guidance for Q&A.

Complete access to our Fitness Software Application

– Our Software helps monitor nutrition routines, measurement progression, workout routines, workout progress and other resources. Thorough application tailored to assist the counseling with proper annotations and specific task based recommendations. A wide range of exercises and videos are available to further assist clients in achieving their goals.

Priority meal preparation delivery service tailored to your nutrition routine and fitness goals

– An added asset to the guidance provided to help with meal prepping for specific macro based portions. Sometimes clients just don’t have the time to prepare meals needed to hit macro goals and FMP and More takes on that responsibility by providing specific meals for you.

All programs are affordable and efficient.

– Programs start at $25 and meals are $7 each. Consultations will always be free.

About Eric

Meet Your Coach

Nutrition and fitness has always intrigued Eric and through years of trial and error he’s figured out the most sustainable way to achieve aesthetic goals while staying away from omitting certain foods. Eric’s traveled to many different places and what he’s noticed is that food will always be a major factor in everyones life. So why do we have so many misconceptions of what’s considered healthy and not healthy. Well as he’s continued to educate himself through collegiate courses and research studies that have been published, the correlation between health and fitness is proper nutrition.

A former United States Marine with years of experience in training in both physical fitness and weight loss management, Eric wanted to create a program that gave everyone the opportunity to gain knowledge, have a personal coach available 24/7, assets and resources to help implement what’s been learned, and achieve results!

The purpose behind Fitness Meal Preparations and More is to create awareness and a lifestyle movement through nutrition that’ll give maximum opportunities to our communities and future generations. Nutrition, when you think about it, can play a huge role in the outcome to our future and the future of our children. Let’s create the change now so that 2, 5, and 10 years from now we can improve possibilities through unlimited potential!



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